Amazon Prime Video: 2 amazing movies to watch tonight

Amazon Prime Video: 2 amazing movies to watch tonight

What if you start your weekend with the two best movies available on Amazon Prime Video? It must be said that the list of the streaming platform is well filled. As usual, CNET France sorts it out and advises you on quality plans.

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Tonight, editorial staff recommend the following pictures Hatred And Hostility.

What movies to watch on Amazon Prime Video tonight?

A powerful and essential image: hate

Story & synopsis

The day after a night of rioting in their neighborhood, a teenager was hit by a policeman, Vince said and Hubert meet again. They don’t know it yet, but it will be the most important day of their lives.

Opinion of CNET France

Presenting Mathieu Kasowitz’s film is no longer really necessary, as it has become a symbol of banliez’s misogyny and an entire generation. Realised as a result of the real riots of the suburbs in the early 90s, Hatred It is allowed to put pictures, words and faces in reasonable anger.

Hatred That’s how we tell the big story through the Freelancers of three young people caught up in a day like no other. Between futile debates, scenes from everyday life and the closeness of the suburbs or tensions with the police and journalists, the film is a captivating urban adventure where the trio bang on with different aspects of French society.

In addition to its material political power, quality Hatred Takmaoui and Hubert Kounde said Vincent Kassel particularly resides in the alchemy of his central trio embodied. The three characters continue to exchange, at their most deafening H.Even in silence. The film finally, by the strength of its suspended moments, draws on the sometimes tender, funny and poetic, the appearance of a cow between building bars, the bittersweet story of a man who met in the toilet, etc.

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More than 25 years after release, Hatred A must – see film remains, a rare cinematic force, and as relevant as ever. A great movie to watch or review without hesitation.

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A depressing and upsetting Western: hostile

Story & synopsis

Late 19th century. Captain Joseph Blocker is a Cheyenne warrior and agrees to take his family to their holy lands, against his will. On the way from New Mexico to Montana, the group will meet a widow whose family has been massacred. All together, and despite their differences, they must help each other sustain their journey.

Opinion of CNET France

Directed by the talented Scott Cooper (Crazy Heart, Fire of anger) Antagonism is in the tradition of crepuscular Westernism, and is contemplative and philosophical, especially highly critical of the role of Americans in capturing the West. Here the main character is not a hero, but a man filled with flaws, who is trying to regain his humanity.

Sublime images of American territory, a relaxed and elegant Arena, sharp and powerful conversations… The film is close to the classics Ruthless (Clint Eastwood, 1992) and Dancing With Wolves (Kevin Costner, 1990) as John Wayne films. An introspective adventure, of course, but it has brutal and impressive fight scenes.

Hostility Thus this mixture of horror and poetry, as a statement of his own worldview and a statement of his characters, is all battered by life. Christian Bale, Rosamund Pike and Wes Studi comprise an impressive and attractive central trio. The rest of the cast is of an enormous quality, bringing together the best of American cinema: Stephen long, Jesse Plemons, Timothée Chalamet, Jonathan Majors or Ben Foster.

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Hostility Simply The Last Great Western published in cinema, and an adventure film with disturbing poems, which will mark you for a long time.

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