Football Fans Choose Android Apps to bet: Reasons Why

Our lifestyle has completely changed recently. We want to be flexible and do things when it suits us best. The same goes for football betting. Sometimes you want to bet while watching the live game in the stadium, and other times you want to make smart use of the break at work by placing a bet. Bookmakers are doing everything they can to make this possible. They have therefore invested heavily in apps and mobile websites. Have you already got your phone ready for your first mobile bet?

Bet anytime, anywhere via your mobile

When developing the apps and mobile websites, the bookmakers have one main goal in mind: to give you the flexibility you need to get the most out of your bets. Because with your phone or tablet you can bet wherever and whenever you want. Who doesn’t want to bet on the go? For example, the denouement in the Premier League or the grand final of the European Football Championship?

In the past, these kinds of matches often caused great frustration. If you went out to watch the game somewhere in the city, it was almost impossible to place a live bet; no laptop or PC nearby! So, gamblers regularly had to pass up such an interesting bet. Fortunately, the situation has changed completely. All major bookmakers have now invested in their own app or well-functioning mobile website. That means you don’t have to be at home to place that one bet. Mobile betting also ensures that you never get bored, like at

Place bets and arrange practicalities

Have you just won a lot of bets and want to request a payout? You can even easily submit your new address after moving house via your mobile. In addition, don’t forget to keep an eye on the bonus promotions. That beautiful free bet at the final of the Champions League applies to all gamblers, so even if you bet via your mobile. In case of questions or problems, the bookmaker certainly does not abandon the mobile gambler. You will have started the live chat in no time or you can contact us via WhatsApp. Mobile betting is the future, and bookmakers are well aware of that!

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Live betting via your mobile

The mobile platform is suitable for all types of football betting. However, there is one betting category that really stands out. We are talking about live betting. In live betting, speed is crucial! Do you see that a team is starting to put more and more pressure and can it never be long before a goal is scored? Now is the time to take action. Thanks to the mobile platform, you can react immediately, no matter where you are. Live betting on football is of course very interesting if you are present in the stadium. You are then not dependent on a live stream, current statistics or a graphical representation of the match. You see live what is happening on the field, and that can just result in a winning bet.

Stay informed with handy notifications

Many bookmakers offer users of the mobile platform a handy extra. You can sign up for the live alerts. Through these notifications, the bookie keeps you informed about goals, cards or match results. You indicate which matches or competitions are interesting for you to follow. In this way you keep control and you stay well informed about the different competitions. These live alerts are of course also useful if you don’t have time to follow the game for 90 minutes. If a live alert indicates that a goal has just been scored, you can still decide to take action.

A bonus on your first mobile bet

Have you noticed by now that mobile betting offers the necessary benefits? Then it is high time to try it out for yourself. With many bookmakers, you also benefit from an extra bonus with the first mobile bet. Usually, it is a free bet or a risk-free bet. This allows you to test the mobile platform in peace without having to immediately use your own gambling budget. The mobile bonus is intended for every gambler who bets on his smartphone or tablet for the first time. So even if you have had a player account for a long time, you can still collect this bonus. As mentioned, the rest of the bonus promotions are also available when you bet via your mobile. So keep a close eye on the promotion page of your bookmaker.

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How do you start betting on your mobile?

In a live bet, this can easily make the difference between high and significantly lower odds. After all, reacting quickly is essential, otherwise, the bookmaker may have already adjusted these high odds. Most apps are suitable for Android devices and iOS. That means you can just go to the Google Play Store or App Store to download the app there. There are a few exceptions. With some bookmakers, it is only possible to download the app via a link on their own website. After downloading you can immediately log in with your details.

Set the right requirements for the app or mobile website

If you plan to bet on your mobile often, it is important that you choose a bookie that meets strict requirements. There are big differences between the mobile platforms of the bookmakers. First of all, you have to check whether the mobile version is clear enough. The small screen of your smartphone simply requires a different layout than the desktop version. But can you easily find all information or betting options with this modified layout?

A clear platform is essential, especially if you want to bet live on football. You can’t afford to suddenly lose those all-important stats. You have to be able to react quickly, and a logical set-up of the mobile platform helps. Speaking of speed? Of course, you don’t want the platform to work slowly or falter at important moments. So also check whether the pages load quickly and whether you can easily navigate through the website. When you compare different bookmakers, you immediately notice that one mobile platform is more functional and faster than the other. So, think carefully about what you expect from the app or mobile site. This can be decisive when choosing a bookmaker.

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It’s time to bet on mobile!

Mobile betting has now become an integral part of the gambling world. It offers you as a gambler a lot of freedom to choose the moments on which you want to bet. You won’t miss a single important bet anymore. So download the app or go to your bookmaker’s mobile website. Place your first bet and you will automatically experience the many advantages of mobile betting.

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