came from New York, Whistler between Paris and London

came from New York, Whistler between Paris and London

The Frick Collection in New York lends to the Musée d’Orsay four paintings, three pastels and twelve etchings of the master. An American artist who made the link between French impressionists and English pre-Raphaelites.

With silver-gray railings, heavy curtains and thick eggplant carpet, one does not enter a room of the The Orsay Museum. But in a living room. The partially reconstructed one of Henry Clay Frick, “king of coke” at the dawn of the XXe century and whose legacy – its mansion-museum – still seems today to taunt by its luxury and its very private refinement the gigantic and popular Met located just opposite on the 5e Avenue.

As this Frick Collection is currently closed due to renovations, it has moved some of its treasures to a building on Madison Avenue, so that the local public can continue to enjoy it. And, for two years, she took some others on trips. Not in the form of a lucrative “best of” tour, as is usually practiced, but more judiciously by offering suitable sets to partner foreign institutions.

Orsay is one of them, which has been receiving since Tuesday seventeen of the eighteen Whistler acquired by Frick…

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