How does Joe Biden's America see the world?

why is the NFL Finals a concentrate of America?

Undoubtedly, this is the event of the year in the United States, with incomparable audiences. The Super Bowl is the only program that can bring together over 100 million viewers. The year 2021 was a small vintage with just over 96 million Americans in front of their posts.

Nothing beats the American football grand final. Proof of this is: a few years ago, a study indicated that 14 million Americans reportedly considering taking a day off the day after the Super Bowl, a family party. Some have even floated the idea that the day after this day of America is a holiday.

Some landmarks. The Super Bowl is the final of the NFL championship (National Football League). The season is quite short, it started this year on September 9 and therefore ends on Sunday, February 13. There are 32 clubs, 32 franchises. This year, the final pits the Cincinnati Bengals at Los Angeles Rams. But the show also happens, if not especially, at halftime.

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