Reduce your time .. New “awesome” service provided by WhatsApp

Reduce your time .. New "awesome" service provided by WhatsApp

The popular instant communication app “WhatsApp” is currently testing the expansion of the global voicemail player service, which adds “WhatsApp” users via computers.

The essence of the service is the ability for WhatsApp users to listen to voice messages from their friends even after chatting with another friend, according to the technology news website WABetaInfo.

This service practically contributes to the reduction of users’ time, especially at present, when “WhatsApp” operators can not do another task by listening to voice notes.

Once this service is launched, users will be able to hear voice messages while moving on WhatsApp, without stopping those notes, which saves a lot of time.

WhatsApp has also started offering this service in its beta version on phones running the iOS system. WhatsApp ‚ÄĚThis property is being tested for these devices.

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