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Scientists say a massive solar wind from the Sun is orbiting the Earth. Scientists estimate that it will fall into the Earth’s atmosphere this evening or tomorrow morning.

The solar wind was formed in a sunspot in the region of AR 2936. The region, which is about the size of the Earth, has seen a number of solar winds in the past. The solar wind reaches the earth at a speed of 23 lakh kilometers per hour. Before landing on Earth, the NOAA Discover spacecraft will detect the solar wind, followed by a crash.

The solar wind was caused by a four-hour solar flare on January 30 in the sun. The solar wind is made up of billions of matter particles. The new solar wind hits Earth just weeks after a solar wind erupts from region AR2929. Earlier, communication in the Indian Ocean was temporarily halted due to the solar wind.

When the solar wind approaches the earth, it interacts with the earth’s magnetic field and causes a geomagnetic storm. This could lead to a crisis for space probes and satellites. This can sometimes affect the communication system on earth. The solar wind also causes aurorae, also known as auroras, to form in the polar region. U.S. officials have predicted the possibility of another earthquake.

Normally, solar winds do not severely affect people’s lives. But in 1989, a solar windfall caused a nine-hour power outage in Quebec, Canada. The solar wind also hit the earth in October last year, but there was no major communication failure.

English Summary: Powerful eruption from Sun to hit Earth today, Noaa warns of possible geomagnetic storm

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