Buy a vaccine Pfizer for less than 5 years?

Buy a vaccine Pfizer for less than 5 years?

Enterprise américaine Pfizer annoncé le mardi 1er fivrier demander l’autorisation en urgence aux atsts-Unis de son vaccine contre la Covid-19 pour enfants sixgs de six mois quatre ans. This vaccine deviendrait ainsi premier available for this tranche dge.

On demand, the dupés auprès de l’Agence amicaine des medicaments (FDA), concerne dans un premier temps a series of two doses, celle-ci devra à terme en comporter trois, a lliance Pfizer-BioNTech with a communicator. “We have pens Three doses of vaccine seront nissiires for 6 mois à 4 ans afin datteindre a hate niveau protection contre variant actuels et futurs “, in the décs a communicate with Pfizer, Albert Bourla.

The demand for Pfizer brewery is very exciting The final “dans prochains jours”, a private enterprise. The vaccine is currently available in all tranche dâge d ses ma venir. For these three jeunes enfants, a dose Selection 3 micrograms per pike This is your favorite pharmacy method (for 30 adults over 10 and 10 for 5-11 years), it’s limited to two seconds. But with this dose of treatment, the immunization provision was made by 2 or 4 people with the following queries, almost announcing Pfizer on December.

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