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Why are cowboy hats so popular?

Would Clint Eastwood have been legendary without his blue eyes and John Wayne’s famous Stetson hats? These wide-brimmed hats are recognized today as the finest hats in America. The legend of these costumes, which became popular in the early 19th century, goes beyond American Western peasants and actors in Hollywood Western movies. While they are often reduced to the cowboy clich and mistakenly equated with the nostalgic period of the American West, cowboy hats are not easily taken up by most of the country, with about fifteen states using them. Daily life. Why are cowboy hats so popular in America? This is the stupid question of the week.

Not of American descent

The hat was not born in the western United States. Historians agree to estimate the appearance of the hat in Spain during the invasions of Mongol cavalry in the 13th century. The crown does not look exactly like the hat worn today, but the idea was already there: a high crown and wide hem to protect from the sun.

Yet it was the Americans who popularized the cowboy hat we know today. Thanks to Hatter John Pick, this iconic product became popular in 1865. Stetson After a trip to the Wild West, he decided to create a hat with flat edges and a high crown to protect farmers from bad weather. The “Boss Of The Empty “ Born from a simple idea: to help farmers fight the harshness of the West.

D.Rest “Cooling” Must be a cowboy

Even if they are nicknames Diamond, Horse ShoesWhere Quarterly HorseHats have one thing in common: they are worn by all American social classes, from the farmer to the banker. This The hat is always by your side, with you. It is the best American symbol of work and humility Says Keith MundyPresident From I am American Hat Company, Bowie, Texas. Founded in Houston in 1915, the company produces 175,000 hats a year, including the most popular 40x hats. 40% Beaver hair.

Since the series began Yellow stone Keith Mundy Demand for this specialty has grown significantly as a result of recent corporate scandals 50% Compared to 2020.This is a cycle. Only now Much Popular and cool one Cow boy, Thanks for this series. In the 1970s, film ” Urban Cowboy Impressed the public as well.

Values ​​of America

Did Hollywood win the Palm D’O for popularizing cowboy hats? Not only that. According to Keith Mundy, Americans are really attached to the values ​​of this hat. Wide open spaces, poetry, music … Picture Cow boy Americans love to have it in their country. In my opinion what makes me a cowboy is not the boots or the clothes or the belt, it is Hat “, The Texan owner agrees Twenty hats, one for every important event in his life. You buy a hat for your grandchildren, for a wedding, to keep it near you. It is a symbol of work, humility and adventure, and wearing a hat comes with responsibilities: keeping your door open, being polite and humble … Loving values Americans .

It is a way of bringing Americans closer to this culture, which is sometimes remote to certain parts of the United States. When I go to New York, I always meet interesting people, people come to talk to me because they are sensitive and interested in what the hat stands for and the values ​​that go with it. You do not have to live in the Wild West to like it! S‘Excited Keith Mundy.

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