US-Russia clash at UNSC forum on Ukraine border crisis

US-Russia clash at UNSC forum on Ukraine border crisis

News agency BBC Members of the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) Hold a joint meeting at the request of the United States. Monday, January 31, 2022, to discuss strengthening Russian troops and ample equipment. Border area with Ukraine

At the meeting, Russian Ambassador Vasily Nebensia confirmed that there was no evidence that Russia was planning military action against Ukraine. And that reinforcement has not been confirmed by the United Nations.

Mr Nebenzia reiterated that Russia was frequently stationed in its own territory. And this is not American business. He also accused President Joe Biden’s government of inciting pressure, coercion and provocation. “This is not just an unacceptable intervention in our internal affairs, but an attempt to mislead the international community. The truth of the situation in the region and the causes of the current global tensions.”

Ms Linda Thomas-Greenfield said: “This is the largest military deployment in Europe in decades. As we speak, Russia is sending more troops.” RussiaBelarus, Ukraine’s northern border, plans to increase the number of troops to 30,000.

However, Ms. Thomas-Greenfield stressed that the United States would continue to believe that there was a diplomatic solution to the problem. But the United States has also warned that if Russia invades Ukraine it will move decisively and the consequences will be dire.

At the same time, the US government and the UK came out to announce that they would impose additional sanctions on Russia. British Foreign Secretary Lis Truss said parliament was preparing a plan if Moscow invaded Ukraine. It will have broader goals than individuals and businesses close to the Kremlin government.United StatesThe states said their sanctions would cause those close to the Russian government. Disconnected from the International Monetary Fund

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