All your horoscopes are with Google! Put your hand on your head if you know

All your horoscopes are with Google!  Put your hand on your head if you know

All your horoscopes are with Google! Put your hand on your head if you know



Google … Today everyone is affiliated with Google. So Google has a lot of Google data. You use various aspects of Google, giving Google the right to collect all data about you. Also, if you think deeply, you may not use various features of Google, but Google still has your data. So, let’s find out what is included in this data.

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Google claims that every Gmail user can access the data held by Google. This data contains most of your information. In this, what you search on Google, what you searched on Google so far. Besides Google, Google has everything you need to know about what you search for on YouTube.

From location to apps data …

Google has all the information about where you go, where you live, the mobile numbers on your mobile, which apps you use, and which websites you visit. Also, your entire location history will be stored on Google. Importantly, you can see that too.

  1. What questions does Google Assistant have? How many comments have you made on YouTube so far?

  2. When it comes to location tracking, how much time do you spend at any given location? How many steps will it take? Google has all this information.

  3. Google also knows how much time you spend on apps on your mobile. Google Calendar contains information about all your events.

  4. Most people fill in email IDs and passwords automatically. Also, some people store their Google credit card password, which means your data will be stored on Google as well.

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How do you know your data from Google?

  • Sign in to your Gmail first. Go to your Google Account.

  • After that, if you are logged in from the system, you will see the Data and Privacy option on the right hand side. Click there.

  • Now you see a list. Things you did and places you were. Some similar options will appear.

  • If you scroll down, you will see that all your data is here. For example, you choose the first option. After selecting, you will get the option of My Function.

  • Here you can find YouTube’s map, timeline and search history. Here you can learn other things as well.

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