The Batman: Has the new teaser revealed the core of the film?

The Batman: Has the new teaser revealed the core of the film?

Expected in theaters on March 2, “The Batman” has released a new teaser of thirty seconds, which can tell a lot about the central story of Matt Reeves’ film.

According to the American press, The Batman revolves around a story, before the Dark Knight is rarely pushed to its limits. And this Twitter account The official of the film starring Robert Pattinson as the hero of DC Comics has released a particularly interesting teaser about this scene. All the pictures in this video were seen in the previous trailers. All but one shot popping up for 20 seconds in the teaser will burn the brains of the fans.

In this teaser, you may hear Catwoman say, “This is about the Wayne family.” We also know that Shinks (The Riddler), played by Paul Dano, will be involved in a bizarre game with Bruce Wayne / Batman, who threatens to reveal an important secret about the Wayne family. In the project in question, we see Batman in the presence of Commissioner Gordon, in which we see a board cut out of newspaper articles in which Thomas Wayne – Bruce’s father – so the word “orphanage” appears. ”.

Question on everyone’s lips: Is Sphinx related to Bruce Wayne’s family? Could it be his brother who chose to release Thomas Wayne? In Todd Phillips’ Joker, starring Joaquin Phoenix, Arthur Fleck faces the possibility of being Thomas Wayne’s late son (following his relationship with his mother). Comics explored this path in The Court Owls (November 2011).

If this theory is not possible, Batman promises a particularly painful confrontation between Batman and the Sphinx. The American press is already anticipating the memorable performance of Paul Dano, the main adversary of Matt Reeves’ film. Impatience just grows.

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