Hubble detects spacecraft-shaped interactions of galaxies

Hubble detects spacecraft-shaped interactions of galaxies

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    - Sputnik Mundo, 1920


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The Hubble Space Telescope has recorded interactions between galaxies, the shape of which is reminiscent of the spacecraft from the TV series Star Trek.

It is a group of three galaxies — NGC 7764A1, NGC 7764A2 and NGC 7764A3 — collectively called. NGC 7764A.

This image was captured by a space telescope with the aid of two devices: an advanced camera for exploration and a wide angle camera 3, Comprehensive Portal

“Happily by coincidence, the interaction between these galaxies led the two in the upper right to form a shape similar to the ‘Star Trek’ starship known as the USS Enterprise in view of our solar system,” the media pointed out.

In the photo, it looks like there are two galaxies seen above Communicating with each other. The long paths of stars and gases make it look as if they were both recently hit by a spherical galaxy in the lower left of the image.

In fact, interactions between galaxies occur for a very long time. In addition, galaxies rarely collide with each other, the portal stressed.

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