Video: They recreate the eruption of one of the largest stars in our galaxy in 3D.

VIDEO: Recrean en 3D la explosión de una de las estrellas más masivas de nuestra galaxia


29 ene 2022 22:09 GMT

Astronomers believe Etta Carine, which had more than 150 solar systems before it exploded, could explode into a supernova.

In the 1840s, astronomers around the world discovered what they called the Big Bang, the eruption of the binary system Eta Carine, which for a short time became bright in the sky. During that process, 7,500 light-years from Earth, the Humanculus Nebula was created, which has been growing continuously for more than a century and a half.

Now, scientists from the Hubble Space Telescope team have been able to simulate a nebula and the star inside it, and released a three-dimensional view of it on Tuesday.

Astronomers note that Eta Carinae looks different in different spectra. They explain that it is not so bright in visible and ultraviolet light, perhaps the matter of the nebula being 10% of the star capturing its photons. At the same time, it is the brightest object in the sky in infrared, and it is also visible on X-rays.

Infrared image of ” [telescopio] Spitzer allows us to peer through the dust that obscures our view in visible light, revealing the intricate details and magnification of the Karina nebula surrounding this bright star. Points out Team Leader Robert Hurt in a statement.

Eta Carinae: They reveal the secret of the 'immortal' star who survived a big bang

Kim Arkand, of the University of Cambridge, says the three – dimensional model, which combines different types of observations, is not only for entertainment purposes but also for education. “We can take models like the Etta car and use them in 3D printing and augmented reality programs. That means more people can access data realistically and virtually, and it enhances learning and engagement,” he explains.

Eta Carinae may have been 150 times heavier than the Sun before it erupted, making it the largest star in the Milky Way. Although the exact circumstances of its eruption remain a mystery, astronomers are convinced of how it did. Will end Its Cosmic Light Show. So, according to scientists, Eta Carinae’s fireworks should end when they explode into a supernova, which will surpass even its last powerful eruption. This may have happened before, but researchers predict that a tsunami of light from such a blind eruption would take 7,500 years to reach Earth.

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