NFC Championship Game, to watch the Sainsmokers half-time show

NFC Championship Game, to watch the Sainsmokers half-time show

Fans attending the NFC Championship Game between the Los Angeles Rams and the San Francisco 49ers on Sunday will watch The Chainsmoker for evening entertainment.

It was announced on Friday that the Grammy Award-winning duo will be performing their latest single “Hi” on stage for the first time.

Multi-platinum R&B singer Brandi will also be performing. He sings the national anthem before kicking off when the 100-yard U.S. flag held by season ticket holders is displayed on the field.

“Hi” is the first release of Chainsmokers since 2019.

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Chainsmokers Andrew Dagart and Alex Paul will perform at the NFC Championship Game on Sunday.
(Photo by Dimitrios Compouris / Getty Images for Pandora)

In July 2020, former New York Governor Andrew Cuomo ordered an inquiry into a banquet hosted by Goldman Sachs chairman David Solomon for attending a charity event and calling it “illegal and irresponsible” for lack of social exclusion. . .

Goldman Sachs chef at NY concert with chain smokers to be prosecuted for ‘serious’ social misconduct: Cuomo

The two Grammy Award winners will perform their latest solo.

The two Grammy Award winners will sing their latest single “Hi”.
(Brian Steffi / Getty Images at Las Vegas)

Solomon also performed a DJ set In rave-style outdoor shindig.

Organizers said in a statement at the time that the concert was working with all state and local health officials and would follow the guidelines of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

Chain smokers performing hampers in Hamptons face $ 20B fine for violating Govt rules

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