Google pays 30 730 million for its London offices

Google pays 30 730 million for its London offices

By Lawrence Colin | On 01/28/2022 at 13:29 | Updated on 01/28/2022 at 13:37

A 10-year tenant of a set of buildings designed by Renzo Piano, Google has decided to become the owner by paying a check for 7 730 million for sterling.

This tertiary property development, known as Central Saint Giles, is located on the West End of London, near Oxford Street, which has been severely affected by the eviction of office workers during epidemics. You may have already noticed these buildings with colorful facades tiled in red, yellow, lime green and orange blocks. More colors are in perfect harmony with the Google logo!

Ronan Harris, vice president of the company and general manager in the UK and Ireland, bought the 38,000 square meter, a testament to the company’s confidence in returning workers to physical offices. The imaginary “à la carte” for all the staff on the team refers to Ronan Harris. “ Most of our employees like to be on site from time to time and work from home a few days a week. Others prefer to continue working from home. Our company and our future workplace accommodate all of these possibilities .

Google now has 6,400 employees in the UK and will have the capacity to accommodate 10,000 employees across its country across the country once its other London campus at Kings Cross is completed.

Learn more about Central St Gills in London

This colorful building complex is the first work by Italian architect Renzo Piano in the UK. Buildings presented in front of the famous London skyscraper Short, which opened in July 2012 on the south bank of the Thames. If you walk along St. Gills High Street, you will find these medium-sized buildings, surrounded by a publicly accessible courtyard with shops and restaurants. Returning to campus designer Renzo Piano, he is best known for winning the Center Pompeo competition in Paris at the age of 33.

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