Flight record at 330km / h!

Flight record at 330km / h!

After announcing a record distance in terms of distance by flying taxi, this time the American company Joby Aviation announces that it has surpassed the speed of the plane by one second.

Based on the development of vertical departing and landing aircraft, commonly known as flying taxi, American Jabi Aviation One of the most successful offers to date. Toyota is one of its shareholdersWith a speed of 205 mph or almost 330 km / h with his Joby S4 device.

Taxi volant VTC

Not knowing if there was a pilot on the plane during the flight, the information was given in green. Anyway, Jabi Aviation has been working in this field for many years (more than 1,000 aircraft have been carried with prototypes since 2017) and its ADAV S4 was already a success last summer. Maximum distance on a single charge: 249 km in 77 minutesS. Equipped with six electric turbines, the engine can carry up to 5 people, including the pilot, and aims to operate commercial aircraft in the United States from 2024. To do this, Jabi Aviation also acquired Uber Elevate last year. , The goal is to create a flying taxi for individuals in VTC mode.

Posted on 29/01/2022 Updated 29/01/2022

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