Amazon was indicted on a complaint of anti-union practices in New York

Amazon was indicted on a complaint of anti-union practices in New York


New York (AFP) – The United States Labor Rights Organization (NLRB) has filed a lawsuit alleging that Amazon is trying to prevent workers from unionizing at a warehouse on Long Island in New York.

In a document dated Thursday, in May and June 2021, the NLRB cites a number of examples of site managers, security guards or a consulting union treating individuals involved in a ‘thug’ organization attempt, saying it was “in vain” and questioning employees. Their union activities and even their leaflets are confiscated.

The agency, which was contacted by three different individuals, wants the panel to better communicate the rights of employees in terms of unionization.

The company “repeatedly violated the law by threatening, monitoring and questioning the Staten Island warehouse workers involved in the union movement,” local NLRB official Kathy Drew King told AFP in a statement.

Amazon, for its part, says “these allegations are false.”

The trial is set to begin on April 5.

Many employees of the warehouse have been trying to form a union there since last year.

After several adventures, the NLRB admitted on Wednesday that it had collected enough signatures to demand a reorganization of the ballot.

An inquest is scheduled for February 16 with both sides to discuss its structure.

The attempt to merge with Amazon’s New York warehouse follows the failure of the Alabama warehouse last spring.

But the NLRB called for a new referendum by letter in February and March, as it considered the company had violated the rules before the referendum.

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