Breakfast: Josh McDaniels to the Riders?

Breakfast: Josh McDaniels to the Riders?

Hot news

– Mad Aperflus came to train the bears

– Broncos: Nathaniel Hockett will be the new head coach

– Steelers: Ben Rothlisberger officially announces his retirement

Podcast: Preview of the conference finals

Sean Baton only thinks about television

As a guest on the Don Patrick show on Thursday, Sean Baton confirmed that two teams had tried to contact him. But this is not the case.

“I don’t see it that way now,” Payton explained. “I don’t think I’ve finished training. But I was glad I got two or three calls from people in the TV world. ⁇


Andrew Whitworth (OT, Rams) He trained normally on Thursday, which is a positive sign for him to return after missing the previous playoff game after a knee injury.

Trent Williams (OT, 49ers, Seville) Not training on Thursday. Elijah Mitchell (RB, knee) no. Jeff Wilson (RB, Ankle) returned.

Tyrone Mathew (S, Chiefs) The final green light was not yet available from doctors to return from the concussion, but he trained well on Thursday.


– The Testers According to NFL Media, Josh McDonnells (OC, Patriots) was officially asked to be interviewed. Hopefully they will interview him on Friday. He will be one of the favorites at work. According to the ESPN, if Bill O’Brien (Alabama) leaves Las Vegas, he could be a serious candidate to replace McDonnell’s in control of the New England offensive.

– According to USA Today, the Cowboys promised Mike McCarthy He will be retained next season.

Don Quinn (DC, Cowboys) He would have announced the (many) teams he had met that he would like to be Dallas’ defensive coordinator for one more season.

– The Crows Mike McDonald was hired as their new defensive coordinator. He is from the University of Michigan, where he held the same position. At 34, he became the youngest coordinator in Baltimore owner history.

– The Jaguars Vic interviewed Fangio (ex-Broncos) as head coach. (ESPN)

– The Giants It was announced that Brian had interviewed Flores for a job.

– The Saints Aaron Glenn (DC, Lions) asked to meet for a job interview about the position of head coach. They also asked permission to speak to Byrne Leftwich (OC, Buchananers). (

– The Dolphins They begin the second phase of the job interview. According to NFL Media, the finals will feature Brian Topol (OC, Pills), Mike McDonnell (OC, 49ers) and Kellen Moore (OC, Cowboys).

– The Texans Kevin O’Connell (OC, Rams) was interviewed for their position as head coach. (ESPN)

Pro Bowl

Packages : Josh Allen (QB, Bills)

New alternatives were selected : Hunter Renfro (WR, Riders)

Jeff Fisher is back, but not in the NFL

Not far from the end of his adventure with the Rams, Jeff Fisher is now the coach of the Michigan Panthers in the USFL. He finds Todd Haley, another former NFL coach who inherited the Tampa Bay bandits.

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