Top 8 activities to make your life more exciting in 2022

Thankfully, we now live in a world where vaccines have allowed things to return to a state of normalcy. And while we skipped 2021 in terms of a fun year, we’re convinced that practically all of the fantastic things listed below will happen or be possible to do this year.

Have you ever stepped back and written a list of things you want to do in the following year? Surely everyone has made new year resolutions, haven’t they? Have you ever made a yearly bucket list of activities that you know you enjoy but never seem to find the time to do? Do you want to try new things in 2022 to make your life more enjoyable? Do you want to know what the top things to do this year are? Well, here you go…

  1. Extreme Sports – Take up an adventurous sport if you’re looking to try something new. There are several options available for folks who wish to get outside and enjoy sports like rock climbing or kayaking while doing so. This is the year to begin your training if you’ve always wanted to climb a mountain but lacked the courage. Surfing is another sport that you may have seen others participate in but are unsure how to begin. If you live near the water, now is the time to look into surfing training.
  2. Movie Marathon – Have you heard of the term “movie therapy”? It turns out that watching a favorite movie can help you feel refreshed. You can relax for at least a couple of hours, which may help you feel less anxious. In addition, the film’s various viewpoints can inspire you to be more original and creative when dealing with real-life problems. You might wish to make a list of all of your favorite movies ahead of time.
  3. Cook New Things – This year, try something new in the kitchen by selecting something you’ve never cooked before. Open a new recipe book, go online, or ask a loved one for that particular recipe. You could cook a plant-based meal, an international dish you’ve never tried, bake something new, or finally make that drool-worthy recipe you saw on Pinterest.
  4. Explore Your Hometown – The majority of us want to travel to Asia and Europe yet haven’t even visited our own country. Unfortunately, due to the Coronavirus outbreak, it is not always possible to arrange a trip far from home; therefore, now is the best time to get out and explore your surroundings. Use a travel app to learn about your surroundings and plan an excursion you’ll remember for years.
  5. Add Some Color – If you have a lot of free time on your hands, coloring pages is a fun way to spend it. However, coloring papers aren’t just for young people anymore. Adult coloring, if you haven’t tried it before, has a lot of advantages. Stress reduction, anxiety relief, creativity increase, and brain workout are just a few advantages.
  6. Mixing Things Up – Making DIY drinks using the flavors of the month or whatever unique new ingredients you may find in the stores is a lot of fun. If alcohol isn’t your thing, make a fun smoothie with some unusual ingredients you may get at the shop. Look for the strangest ingredients you can find in an Asian or international grocery.
  7. Dance & Sing – We get away from the simple pleasures of life much too often as grownups. So, if you’re bored, why not give solo karaoke a shot? For the sheer fun of it, try singing and dancing. Put on your favorite music and sing along to the verses of your favorite musician; sing and dance like no one is watching… because no one is.
  8. A New Sound – Try listening to new genres of music to broaden your musical horizons. Ska, affirmation music, trip-hop, J-pop, global music, or glitch pop are some genres you could attempt. Spotify makes it incredibly simple to find music depending on a user’s preferred genre; give it a try!

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