Headphones: Are you wearing headphones properly?

Headphones: Are you wearing headphones properly?

HListening to music with phones is the only difference. In stereo mode the feeling of sound coming from different directions takes the mind nowhere. Headphones properly .. that is, if you make sure that the speakers of any ear are in that ear, you can enjoy this music very well. There is a scientific reason for this. The noise moves slowly. If we go near the mountains and shout loudly, can we hear our screams for a while? The reason for this resonance is that the noise moves slowly. This causes the sound to reach the left and right ears slightly back and forth. This difference is called the internal time difference. This means that if someone says something at our left ear, it will take a while for it to reach our right ear. Based on this, the brain recognizes that the sound is reaching from the left ear. The stereo music approach uses this. This creates the illusion of noise coming from different directions. However, in order to enjoy the stereo well, any ear speaker must be worn on that ear. Then the sound changes. For example, the sound that should be heard coming from the front can be heard coming from behind. There is no change in mono audio but stereo music is not as well enjoyed.

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