The United States and its allies differ in their strategy against Vladimir Putin

The United States and its allies differ in their strategy against Vladimir Putin

Explanation: In recent days, there has been a gap between the Biden administration’s warning and the imminent possibility of European invasion of Ukraine by Russian forces.

Recent developments in the Ukrainian crisis at the end of last year have created a confusing conflict between the views of one and the other. In early November 2021, when the US government warned that the Russian military was preparing for a large-scale military offensive against Ukraine, officials in Kiev were skeptical. The military, accustomed to strengthening Russian forces since the spring of 2021, does not see the immediate nature of the intervention, which could have taken place in late December, according to Washington and NATO. Or in early January.

A similar confusing contradiction can be seen today between the warning analyzes of the United States and the United Kingdom and the more moderate statements of France, Europe and Ukraine. Joe Biden has been warning for days about the possibility of a new Russian intervention in Ukraine. He announced

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