"An emotional roller coaster", "The best moment in cinema" ... Why the editorial staff is a fan of the film!

“An emotional roller coaster”, “The best moment in cinema” … Why the editorial staff is a fan of the film!

This is the real waltz of emotions that will be on the delicious show on W9 tonight Another wayWinner of the 2016 Oscar for Best Animated Film from the popular Picture Studio. Riley, a little girl who lives in the Midwest, is surrounded by her parents and forced to move to San Francisco. Signed by the American Director Dr. PeteAlready behind the unforgettable Monstres & Cie And Above thereIt was while watching his own daughter grow up that he had the insane desire to give his life for happiness or sorrow. In the first edition of the story he thought of animating other emotions such as pride or self-confidence … Find out now why Télé-Loisirs’ editorial staff are fans. Another way :

Quenola’s opinion

Do you have teenagers in your home? Director Pete is also a doctor. And he asked himself this important question: “What do they have in mind?“She had a wonderful idea of ​​reviving the emotions of a little girl whose parents’ move and the attitude of adolescence turned upside down. Happiness, sadness, anger, hatred and fear are under the control of her cerebral district. Take us on a breathtaking inner adventure. Another way An emotional, poetic and burlesque roller coaster. It is the animated gem of insane invention and immense ingenuity. Because the film also gives us the keys to understanding the strange, exciting, secret world of adolescence.

Criticism of Thomas

Incredibly original, this nugget is the pinnacle of the signed picture genre. Laughter, remorse and suspense are on the program, all of which are placed in the films with unparalleled intellect. All emotions “come to life”, instantly recognizable and very loving characters, each in their own style. Released in 2015, the adventure of Riley and his close comrades is unforgettable. A marvel of sensitivity and innovation and a great moment in cinema.

Comment by Emily M.

But what a fantastic idea to let the little voices running through our heads talk about everything! It was a real treat to see the conflicting feelings of this 11-year-old girl coming of age. Still, this is not a foregone conclusion … How to create laughter, empathy and suspense (yes, yes!) Against the backdrop of the inside of the human brain? Not so sexy! Only popular picture studios can accept this ambitious challenge and make a thing more complex, moving and above all accessible to the whole family. Poetic and brilliant invention through these little characters – reflecting every emotion – we are connected, which is simply genius!

Comment by Emily L.

After the wonderful Above there, I was expecting a lot from this Beat Doctor movie… I was not disappointed. On paper, however, Vice Versa may have quickly gone unnoticed and locked itself into an idea that was certainly brilliant, but it could have quickly gone round the circles. Pixar’s teams, with this tumor, were bad at discovering their previous glory. In addition to the mark-up comedy and succulent winks, the film moves particularly brilliantly and particularly. Did I shed my little tears? Of course

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