What were the latest devices for psychological testing of athletes 100 years ago? – On this day

What were the latest devices for psychological testing of athletes 100 years ago?  - On this day

One hundred years ago, “Ilustrovani List” wrote about the latest discoveries in the field of psychology, and about couples used in psychological experiments by athletes.

“Psychology and psychoanalysis are taking urgent steps forward. Until recently, experimentation, experimentation, was once excluded from psychology in particular, but as we move into psychological research, more experimental methods are being introduced.

As he wrote then “Explanatory Paper”Recent efforts have gone in the direction of experimenting using different devices, “different registrars, often mechanically and without error, providing data to set up new ones or to establish already known laws in psychology.”

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The author of the text reminded us that a hundred years ago, psychology ceased to be the most common, and that the division of children into “sick, mass and crowd psychology, animal psychology” and more began.

“Recently, the psychology of games has been on the agenda. Very different devices and recorders have been invented.

The author says that attention and memory are intrinsic energies, and they can undoubtedly be strengthened and sharpened, and their intensity can be determined by devices, he said.

“Devices have also been developed that measure how much electricity is extracted from the human body by sports exercises. The amount of electricity released, at the same time, indicates the amount of fatigue of the athlete in question.

The combination of all three devices provided interesting data, especially for sports clubs.

“Talking about sports psychology and experimental psychology will soon be possible, which is especially appreciated nowadays.”

The full version can be read at the link Public libraries.

Every day, 110 years ago, in 1912, the Danas newspaper accurately browsed the main news on this day. Since the small magazine under analysis is not in the archives to this day, we write about what Ilustrovani List wrote in 1922. The first issues of the “Illustrovani List” were printed in Belgrade by its owner and editor-in-chief, Ivan Srnik, in Vienna and Zagreb since 1920.

The project was implemented in collaboration with Digital Archive Material National Libraries of Serbia.

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