The Lakers have made their decision for Frank Vogue!

NBA Vogel sur la sellette

Frank Vogel has been out for several weeks due to the Lakers’ poor results and this tragic situation in the playoff race. Apparently, the leaders would have taken over Results Strong about the future of the coach.

In the NBA, in all major professional leagues, if a team has disappointing results, the coach is often the first to blow the fuse. That’s why it looks like Frank Vogel’s seat on the lockers bench could be vacated. Since graduating in 2020, in the environment we know, he has struggled to give his employees a solid look.

Last season, he avoided injuries. LeBron James He went out for a long time with an ankle sprain, and following his hasty return to the playoffs, he never found out his true condition. Such as Anthony DavisHe may be associated with multiple muscle disorders, especially during the series against the Suns in the first round, which may explain the early elimination.

Frank Vocal confirmed until the end of the season

But this year, King is at the top of his game despite being 37 years old. Russell Westbrook He came to bring his experience, and while AD is still in the hospital, Frank Vogel has the weapons to do better than his team’s record of 23 wins and 24 defeats. So is he really in danger? According to information gathered by Dave McMennam‘ESPNLeaders would have made a strong decision.

Since I understand the situation, the Lockers will move forward with Frank Vogel leading the team. I predict he will be the coach until the end of the season.

Despite the long-term instability of his troops, Frank Vogel no longer has to fear for his position unless there is a total decline in the coming weeks.

If he seems to be firm in his role, he still needs to find solutions to solve some of the problems. Although he has a reputation as a defensive coach, reaching the Lakers title in 2020 is on this side of the field and he does not care about his players at this level. Purple and Gold are currently the 27th defender in the league, which is unacceptable to the announced finalist.

As Los Angeles are currently the team that cares the least about the ball, offensively, the loss of the ball should be limited. With simple systems and clear instructions, he can limit these expensive sales and expect better results. Frank Vogel is in place, but he is not saved.

The pressure on Frank Vogel will be strong at the end of the season. In fact, if he raises the bar and fails to shine in the playoffs, he could miss a few rounds and be eliminated in the summer.

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