Tennessee and Green Bay knocked out by Cincinnati and San Francisco in NFL playoffs

Tennessee and Green Bay knocked out by Cincinnati and San Francisco in NFL playoffs

The NFL was without its top two teams on Saturday in the second round of the play-offs. No. The 1st National Conference (and NFL) Green Bay Packers and the No. 1 American Conference Tennessee Titans were both beaten at home and three-point kicks in the final seconds.

Entering the play-offs, Green Bay lost to the incredible San Francisco 49ers (10-13), only the sixth team in the conference, to qualify for the play-offs in aggression and fall from Dallas the previous week. The Packers led 10-3 in the final quarter, thanks to a touchdown by runner AJ Dillon.

San Francisco, beautiful story

But San Francisco equalized in less than five minutes after Talanova Hofanga blocked a ball. In the following attack sequence, Green Bay was infertile. Then, on the attack again, 49 players did not miss their chance, thanks to Robbie Gold’s 45-yard field goal.

The beautiful story of San Francisco continues. In the final of the conference, the California franchise will play against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers or Los Angeles Rams on Sunday (9:00 pm French time).

Burrow was martyred but won

The Cincinnati Bengals (19-16) also beat the Tennessee Titans from the start. The latter, for the first time in their history, won the play-offs overseas. They will play in the final of the first conference after January 1989.

From the start, Cincinnati put pressure on Tennyson, with quarterback Ryan Danehill intercepting the Titans from the first action game. But the Nashville franchise hurt its opponent as well, removing Bengal’s QB skipper Joe Burrow nine times.

A dangerous interception

Each team was able to count its flow. Joe Mixon hit Cincinnati’s only touchdown, while NFL star racer Derrick Henry made 20 carries and a DD for 62 yards after being left with a broken leg for two and a half months.

But, at the end of the match, Danhill intercepted again. Cincinnati field cleared a few yards to find themselves as they tried to score. Also, from 52 yards, Evan McPherson sent the Bengals into the final of the conference. Next week, they will challenge Kansas City leaders or buffalo bills with swords from Sunday to Monday (0:30 a.m. French time).

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