Released, fired with a song from the Disney movie Encondo

Released, fired with a song from the Disney movie Encondo

We are not talking about Bruno (Don’t talk about Bruno, In French) has become one of the biggest music hits of Disney animated films in the last 25 years. Let go (Let go), The flag song Snow Queen.

The piece peaked at number four on the American Magazine’s Most Respected Music Chart advertisement board, One step ahead of the summit reached Let go.

Reached this level with 29 million streams and over 8000 downloads We are not talking about Bruno, Step Entertainment Weekly Magazine.

The only song in Disney animated movie history to do so well A whole new world (A new world), Taken from the original soundtrack of the film Aladdin Released in 1992. It reached number one in the rankings advertisement board.

Song in French

Song in English

Soundtrack ofCharm This is the first movie score to reach No. 1 on the album chart after 2019. 30, D’Adale.

Picture Charm : Fantastic Matrix Family It tells the story of a Colombian family in which every member except 15-year-old Mirabelle has magical powers. Its soundtrack is strongly influenced by Latin American music and was signed by veteran composer Lynn-Manuel Miranda, for whom we owe music. Hamilton, And In height.

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