Owner of a man’s first pig heart transplant reveals details to Youm7 TV

Youm7 TV became the world’s first surgeon, Dr. Bartley has an exclusive interview with Griffith..

Dr. During a meeting with Bartley Griffiths, The Seventh Day, Rami Nawar produced and presented by Hisham Abdel Tawaf: I am a professor of surgery at the College of Medicine in Maryland and I have been practicing in this profession for 40 years. Has performed heart and lung diseases, and many organ transplants and transplants. This is the first operation to transplant a genetically modified pig’s heart into a human. ”There are many cases that require organ transplant surgery, but they are not enough donors.

He revealed the details of the world’s first surgery to fit a chainsaw heart into the human body: “This patient would have died if this operation had not been performed. We should consider this as an animal heart transplant surgery. He agreed. “.

And the World Physician added: “Patient David Bennett underwent a swine heart transplant on January 7, and in mid-December we started talking about being ready with him and could not get the human heart back because he was unwell. He has a history of not following his doctors’ instructions, and we call this non-compliance, and we reviewed his data at several major heart transplant centers, and everyone agreed that he could not be a candidate for this surgery. ..

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