FC Barcelona are negotiating a historic deal!

FC Barcelona are negotiating a historic deal!

FC Barcelona’s current financial situation is bad. The Catalan club owes more than a billion and multiplies all the little tricks to strengthen itself and achieve its goals. So, Ferran Torres was recruited, but the former Mankun had to wait a few days to officially qualify to play at his new club, especially when it was time to see Philippe Coutinho (to Aston Villa) leave.

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But the advantage of a team like Barசாa is that its brand still weighs. All over the world. It was understood by President John Labord. In fact, Juicy’s contract with Rakuten (€ 55m / year) expires next June, and Culés are in active talks with several companies to find a future sponsor for the club. And step Sports, Catalan can get a historic deal.

Bar பார்a can hit a jackpot

According to a local newspaper, Barca has been in talks with US cryptocurrency company WagonNation since November. The latter is in Jersey (the main sponsor), but is also in talks to put his name on the jersey’s sleeves and training suits. However, the company is proposing a joint venture with Asian technology company Tencent. A partnership that can bring in 80 M € per year. But that’s not all. FC Barcelona is also in talks with two companies: Spotify and Polkadot (cryptocurrency).

The Polkadot option is invalid if the VeganNation card is enabled (both companies are competitors). On the contrary, Sports VeganNation tells us that if Spotify becomes the primary sponsor (jersey), Bluegrana will be selected to appear in tunics and training suits. The newspaper claims that if this option is selected, the deal will bring in more than 100 million a year! The deal that will feature in football history. Real Madrid have the largest sponsorship deal in the world of football with U 70 million annually, more than MU (€ 61 million with Chevrolet) and Paris Saint-Germain (€ 60 million with all).

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