On the path to the American dream

Sur la route du rêve américain

Longcock. On the path to the American dream. Cultural Center This Thursday, January 27, at 8:30 pm, the conference-film cycle returned to the Cultural Center, thanks to director Christian Verot’s journey on Mythical Path 66 with the film “On the Road to the American Dream”. Will comment on his pictures in person. Christian Verot was 23 years old during a two-year voyage across the United States in a Citroen 2CV from one polar circle to another.

Another of his interests is the American West, to which he has dedicated three documentaries. From Chicago to Los Angeles, Route 66 winds like a scar between the skin of the desert, between valleys and endless plains. Artists describe it, and archival films revive its beginnings. As stated by Kerovak and Steinbeck, this is the best path to the American dream that will lead the forces of a people toward the victory of the West. Harley-Davidson and Cadillac, Ghost Towns, Rock and Country-Music, Route 66 Dreams, Nostalgia for Ideal America. Single price5 .

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