When will earth do go End? New Research revelead | When will the earth end? Scientists unravel the puzzle ..!

பூமி எப்போது அழியும்? புதிரை கட்டவிழ்த்த விஞ்ஞானிகள்..!

Thousands of scientists have been involved in the study of the formation of the Earth and the Milky Way galaxy for the past two or three hundred years. New theories abound every decade. When will the earth be destroyed in that sense? Analysts are constantly engaged in.

The answer to that question seems to have been almost discovered. After many previous studies and predictions have been proven false, researchers have released a new finding. It is said that the real reason has been found. According to their latest claim, the sun will destroy the earth.

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Explosion in the sun

Scientists say the sun will destroy the world, according to The Mirror. Scientists say the entire universe will burn to ashes by then, and that none of us on earth will be alive when the sun explodes. Scientists predict that the eruption will occur about 5 billion years later. Then all the planets around the sun will be gone.

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Hydrogen core

Five billion years later, after the Big Bang, the hydrogen core in the Sun will stop working. Then it is said that the sun cannot generate heat. Thus the other planets will also become colder. Scientists say that the planets that will destroy the sun will include Mercury and Venus, but no other planet will be as devastated as the one coming to Earth.

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