Steve Kerrin’s cash claim on Fighting Warrior

NBA Steve Kerr cash sur Jordan Poole

Currently it is not going well for Golden State, which is facing some employee issues. One player in particular stands out for his disorder in many games… Steve Kerr recently said some strong words about him.

Having been at the top of the league for a long time with a great start to the season, the Warriors (33-13) lost their throne in a few games. The Californians suffered some setbacks, while the Phoenix overtook them in stages, while at times exhibiting very poor play. A trend was illustrated by the re-employment of Clay Thompson, which prompted the training staff to make some changes.

However, one member of the roster suffered a lot from the back: Jordan Poole. With the absence of Killa Clay playing in his position, the young player averaged over 17 points at the start of the season. However, over the past few weeks, he has struggled in his new role as an alternative and has been very inconsistent. Steve Kerr is aware of the setbacks of his nails and wanted to remind him that this is a part of everyday life of an NBA athlete:

Steve Kerr at Jordan Pool: “Changing roles? That’s his job. “

Steve Kerr: “One piece of news for Jordan Pool is the whole team’s message. Have fun every night, whatever your role. Yes, it’s hard to change roles in the middle of the season. But who cares? This is your job.”

A firm opinion, but not much criticism of the guard who thinks the tactical expert. In the match against the Rockets (105-103) it is certain that the pool will be valuable in the absence of Thompson. Yes Stephen Curry The former Michigan, who kept himself in the game with 20 points and a good address (7/15), sowed the winning shot in the buzzer. This time he has to show that he can do the same from the bench.

Clay Thompson is still far from the pinnacle and he will be saved throughout the season as he has not been around long. So Jordan should have more chances to shine for the pool, he was one of the manifestations of the fall in the Dubs.

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