In London, Zemmour tries to seduce foreigners and resume his campaign

In London, Zemmour tries to seduce foreigners and resume his campaign

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November 20, 2021 at 7:43 p.m.

Eric Gemmore, who traveled to London, went on a mission to seduce French foreigners in search of funding. And takes one more step to formalize his presidential candidacy.


London, Eric Zemmer Trying to update his campaign. Especially traveling to the British capital to seek funding from French foreigners, Defendant wants to forget his current bad pass, Marked by a fall in the polls. Although he has not yet formalized his presidential candidacy, he has gone one step further.

During a public meeting worthy of a rally, about 400 people came to hear Eric Zemor’s speech. Holding a microphone in his hand on the stage, he embarked on a campaign to lure foreigners to London, known for his generous donations during the presidential election. “In France we do the best you can,” he told them. “You’re very energetic, very determined, very brave.”

“A lot of people come to see me”

It is only a matter of days before Eric Jemmore officially declares himself a candidate. In a tweet, Thus announcing a large crowd December 5 Next up in Zenith in Paris, Where “a new story begins”. “There are a lot of people who want to come see me,” says the writer. “There, we take a big room because a lot of people want to come and listen to me.”

With this announcement, Eric Gemmour wants to regain momentum for his campaign. Because it’s the best defense attack in politics.

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