“Wear yourself warm” The weather forecast reveals the weather in the coming hours

"Wear yourself warm" The weather forecast reveals the weather in the coming hours

Meteorological experts forecast the weather and expected temperatures for the next 48 hours.

On the other hand, as for the expected weather, the southern Sinai, southern Upper Egypt and the Red Sea ranges are expected to see cooler weather during the day, with much colder weather prevailing throughout the night, and it can reach. The amount of frost in the central Sinai region, especially along the northeast coast and the Red Sea Mountains, is prone to light to moderate rainfall.

In the same context, meteorologists have warned against the country’s exposure to the occurrence of water fog in the early morning near most highways and agricultural roads and beaches, so the authority advises all motorists. Be careful while driving on these roads during fog due to low and difficult horizontal view, and expected temperature reached today January 22, 2022

  • In Greater Cairo it is 16 degrees and the smallest is 8.
  • On the north coast, the largest is 16 degrees and the smallest is 9.
  • Southern Sinai, Major 20 degrees and smaller 13.
  • North Upper Egypt Major 16 degrees and smaller 5.
  • South Upper Egypt Major 20 and smaller 8 degrees.
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