MLB: Players plan to counter-offer on Monday

MLB: Players plan to counter-offer on Monday

NEW YORK – Lock-out baseball players are set to make a counter-offer to management on Monday, 11 days after the clubs made a proposal to the union as talks resume after a 42-day break.

The deadline for reaching an agreement to start training camps is February 16th.

The opening matches are scheduled for March 31, but players must check-in, follow epidemiological protocols, and train for at least three weeks, including season matches.

Players will not be paid until the regular season, and owners will be the first to ‘Play Ball!’ Will receive only a small percentage of the revenue. Officer.

When the owners presented a plan on January 13, the players responded coldly, saying they would follow it when they were ready.

Baseball’s ninth strike began on December 2, 1995, following the termination of a five – year labor contract.

At risk are: luxury tax, qualification for mediation, revenue sharing, number of clubs in playoffs, amateur draft and when a player accumulates seniority in major leagues.

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