A New Book for Professor Swi Masa: “In the Rotations of the Balls of the Sky”

The book describes the scientific revolution that led to the understanding that the sky is just an optical illusion

Professor Zvi Maza"E. and his book "In the rotations of the spheres of the sky"
Professor. Zvi Maza and her book “On the Rotations of the Sky”

Since the dawn of history, humans have imagined a star-studded sky with a circular dome orbiting the center of the earth, with the sun and planets orbiting it. Professor Zvi Maza’s new book, “In the Rotations of the Spheres of the Sky,” describes the scientific revolution that astronomers have followed, all mankind, as the motions of the sky and the sun. The sky is not really, it is the fruit of optical illusion. The earth revolves around the sun.

Depart in search of the planets in front of everyone

The echoes of the revolution brought about by the Polish astronomer Nicholas Copernicus led to the creation of new, modern physics, which in general had a profound impact on the natural sciences and on man’s view of his place in the universe. Professor Masa’s book describes three intertwined conspiracy theories: the origin and acceptance of the theory that the sun is at the center of the planetary holidays and in the environment; The development of Galileo’s telescope, which played a key role in Copernicus’ model; The beginning of its days.

Professor. Zvi Maza is a retired professor at the School of Physics and Astronomy at the Raymond & Beverly Chockler Faculty. He was the head of the Oren family in experimental physics, the winner of the Weissman Prize for Science and the winner of the Lecker Prize for extraterrestrial extraterrestrial study from the Harvard Astrophysics Center and the Smithsonian Institution.. As part of his research, at a time when everyone believed that planets outside the solar system could not be found, he began searching for planets. Since then, he has participated in the discoveries of several dozen planets, mainly with the help of a spacecraft moving above the atmosphere to accurately measure the intensity of stellar light..

This is Professor. Masa’s third book and was published by Magnus. His first book, “An Introduction to the Theory of Private Relativity”, is a designation textbook for undergraduate physics studies. A new reading in the Torah is in the sense of peace. And justice.

“Each age has its own scientific revolutions. Even at the beginning of modern times, it is amazing to see Copernicus manage without any assistance to bring about the deepest, perhaps deepest, scientific revolution in human history. For me, this is the great power of the human spirit that can break the unknown unknown.” To the gaps of the universe in matter. The book offers a glimpse of a revolution that changed our view of ourselves, and may remind us that we do not. A small point in the center of the universe, but in the infinite world, “says Professor Masa.

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