The joint police plan was abandoned

The joint police plan was abandoned

The sister-city plan that provides shared custody of a major league baseball club between Tampa Bay and Montreal is dead. You have to wait a long time now to return to the baseball metropolis to hear Stephen Bronfman speak.

“Although we are disappointed, we accept the decision. Stephen Bronfmann of the Montreal Baseball team responded during a video conference on Thursday afternoon that we really believed in that plan, that we did not really have a B plan.

“I have no doubt that this concept will be interesting in the future in the professional sports world, but baseball is not ready to take this step now,” said Stuart, owner of Tampa Bad Race. Sternberg, Florida during a press conference

“They were more devastated than we were, and Mr. Sternberg gave up on the Montreal group during his press conference.

The main league baseball sister said she was “disappointed” by the apparent absence of the race owner, except for the reasons that led to her dropping the city plan.

“Sometimes people just don’t want to be first,” Sternberg suggested.

Stay in Florida?

After repeatedly pointing out that it is not possible to retain the Tampa area full-time Major League Baseball Club last year, the race owner inevitably finds himself in an awkward situation.

I have no intention of selling the team or moving out of the region. “We will explore our options in the area. Our goal is to stay in Tampa for future generations.

Race is now considering options to build a stadium where they can stay their team in the Tampa area full time. The roster’s current lease at Tropicana Field in St. Petersburg expires at the end of the 2027 season, but plans for a new home for the club are expected by 2023.

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“La Jude”: The result of a shared police plan between Tampa and Montreal –

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