The 2nd largest sushi lovers Montreal in North America

According to a ranking by Chef’s Pencil, an Australian culinary magazine, Montreal is home to the second largest sushi aficionado!

It is not surprising that the city of Quebec is located behind the city of Vancouver, where Japanese society and its culture are well established.

But it is true that Montreal does not give its place in the number of good restaurants where you can eat this traditional Japanese food. Restaurants with the most “modern” concept are still popular in all neighborhoods, from “everything you can eat” addresses.

Globally (excluding cities in Japan, of course), Montreal ranks 11th, which is even more impressive!

To highlight this excellent ranking, why not order sushi from one of the best sushi restaurants in Montreal that offers delivery?

The magazine has compiled this ranking based on data from Google Trends, which shows which cities have the most searches for specific key phrases on Google, including the word sushi.

To consult the complete ranking and its instructions, Here it is!

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