Google drops G Suite's free plan, users need to check out

Google drops G Suite’s free plan, users need to check out

Users of G Suite’s free plan should quickly put their hands in their pockets. This subscription Ancestor of Google Workspace Allows free access to some Google Apps, but use them with a customized domain name (others A simple feature for companies and individuals who want to go through Google Apps, giving themselves a more professional look. This free formula was dropped in 2012, but Mountain View has so far offered the service for free. Now, traditional customers need to switch to a paid Google Workspace subscription to continue accessing their app.

Mail received by users of G Suite’s free plan. Image: 9To5Google.

9to5Google Subscribers to this free plan have received an email asking them to check out. They can switch to a paid subscription until May 1st. And there is no viable alternative: Google To explain If the user chooses to wait, the company ” Automatically convert subscriptions “Clearly, he will choose the Google Workspace offer for him based on the features he uses.

This change may be similar to the headache for former clients and especially individuals. They will now have to pay for what they have kept for free for many years. There is no option to relocate to the free program. It is possible to switch to a classic account, but you need to start anew and drop your digital purchases (movies, apps).

If you do not provide payment information by May 1st, the subscription will be suspended. After a 60-day suspension, access to some important Google Workspace services will be canceled (Gmail, Calendar, Meet). Google Workspace’s cheap program is offered For 4.68 Per user per month. Ex-G Suite customers will get a discount for 12 months.

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