Archive 81: What is this horror series about?

Archive 81: What is this horror series about?

One week after its launch, the horror series “Archive81” is already in the top 10 most viewed content on Netflix. But what exactly is she talking about?

Adapted from the American podcast, Archive 81 follows the story of Don Turner, an archivist entrusted with the task of retrieving videotapes saved from a fire in the 1990s. Isolated residence where necessary equipment is located. As his work progressed, Dan discovered the 1994 trial of a woman named Melody Bendras in a mysterious New York building called Visser. And the dark secrets she was about to reveal.

Available in 8 episodes, Archive 81 runs the “Discovered Scene” cover – as The Blair Witch Project or Cloverfield has been able to do before – and more or less skillfully presents a story that mixes witchcraft, occultism and time travel.

But despite some contradictions (some malicious, of course), this horror series manages to capture our interest. We did not finish this first season 1 stomping without patience to find a possible sequel. But it is pleasant to follow until we allow ourselves to be carried away without wanting to analyze everything.

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