Why borrowing in France for rental investment has become more complicated since Brexit

Les Français installés outre-Manche rencontrent des difficultés à obtenir un crédit immobilier, depuis la sortie du Royaume-Uni de l'Union européenne.

Our Suggestions – It is not uncommon for a foreigner to want to invest in real estate in their home country. However, since the United Kingdom’s exit from the European Union, it has not been possible to borrow across the channel when you are based in the English capital. But Brexit does not explain everything. Le Picaro Inform yourself.

According to many French people who have lived in London for many years, it has become commonplace to refuse a mortgage to invest in France for more than a year. This was the case with Philip, for whom the three banks did not accede to his request. “I’ve been working in London for ten years and thought this was a good time to invest my savings.”, Explains the forties. This father has chosen not to Buy in the English capitalCar “Prices are too high because I know I will return to France one day.”.

One way is to better anticipate his return across the channel he plans for the next ten years. But Philip did not think he had so much trouble getting a loan. “I have a good job with a good salary. I also have a good contribution, not as much as I would like, because education here is expensive, but it is still substantial. So what’s stuck in his file …

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