Two polar cycles simultaneously in the United States and Europe

Two polar cycles simultaneously in the United States and Europe

By Gilles MatriconMeteorologist

This week marks several simultaneous winter attacks in North America and Eastern Europe. A situation associated with polar vortex stagnation.

The Polar vortex The name used to refer to the high winds that surround the Arctic during the cold season, which contain cold winds in the polar region. But under certain conditions, this vortex relaxes and allows cold air to flow towards the southern latitudes, resulting in cold and blizzards.

North America and Eastern Europe are affected by polar spinning shops

This week, there will be two major waves of jet stream: one over eastern North America and the other over eastern Europe.

These oscillations of the jet stream, known as the “polar vortex”, cause the descent of cold winds toward the south. Thus, a major blizzard hit eastern America, followed by Ontario and Quebec. 300,000 people were without electricity in Carolina and Virginia, where there was 30 cm of snow locally. Ottawa, Canada recorded a record snowfall of 46 cm in January.

In the United States, nearly 4,000 domestic and international flights were delayed or canceled on Sundays and Mondays. A new blizzard is expected Wednesday in North America and southeastern Canada, but it is not over. On Friday, snowfall between Chicago and Montreal was 60 cm. Then, the cold intensifies and the temperature drops to -35 degrees Celsius. Montreal And -15 C Chicago week end. This Cold wave Will continue until the end of January. AT New YorkNo further dissolution is expected by January 30th.

In Eastern Europe, The descent of cold winds caused winter weather on Monday and a blizzard in Poland. Thursday will be the twistGermany, Czechoslovakia and Hungary will experience heavy snowfall. Later on Fridays and Saturdays, the Balkans will experience blizzard conditions associated with the polar vortex and its fall in the eastern part of the Mediterranean. The temperature will drop drastically. Thus they will lose 5 to 10 degrees Celsius in 24 hours Athens. This cold will intensify from Sunday. The temperature in the Greek capital will not exceed 5 C for a few days, which has not happened again since January 2017.

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