NBA Shaq à ses débuts

Shock reveals the legend that scared him when he played against him for the first time

Since he is from Jharkhand, it is not easy to scare Shahul O’Neill. However, shortly after coming to the league, Big Cactus had Willie when confronted by a superstar from the 90s … we understand why.

Imagine that 2 m 15 colossus per 140-150 kg falls on you. O’Neill in Shock. The former Pivot was one of the most dominant players ever, and rubbing shoulders with him was often synonymous with bloody assassination. It started in his newcomer season in 1992-93. 23.4 points, 13.9 rebounds and 3.5 blocks average: set the tone for a unique career.

However, when he came into the league, No. 32 was apparently seen face to face with his idols like Patrick Ewing. However, their first direct encounter was filled with fear by another. When Orlando moved to Chicago on January 16, 1993, Shock had to deal with the presence of a certain Michael Jordan in the opposite camp. Fullback is coming back again with two Finals MVPs, and needless to say the big man is not as relaxed in playing him as he explained in 2020. TNT :

Shock was bullied by Michael Jordan in his early days

I was scared on the pitch, the whole game. First, he is the best player in the world. Second, he was going to drown me, and after that I was afraid I would have to go back to my teammates. Third, he was very hot on the floors. Not everything I saw on TV when I was in college was fiction. I was scared.

Surprisingly, Big Diesel went on to meet, with Magic losing 16 points against the reigning champions (122-106). O’Neill’s figures: 19 points, 11 rebounds and 5 assists but above all 8-ball defeats. Very humble figures for him! Against that, MJ had 24 points, 8 rebounds, 3 thefts and 3 blocks in particular. However, the young interior, during their next clash, was able to show itself in a brilliant light with 29 points, 24 holds and 5 blocks, with a huge expression!

What pleased the Hall of Fame was that Jordan had a very similar opinion of him, especially in terms of the widespread terrorism on the floors. In 1997, his Ernus made a very interesting comment during an interview SLAM Magazine. His surprising confession? When confronted with shock for the first time, he was not quiet!

When was the last time I was bullied in basketball? When I first saw Shahul O’Neill. I was amazed at his size and he was so tall! I mean, it was a little threatening factor, but I could not imagine how big it was.

Like many players before and after him, Shaquille O’Neal, who played as a player against Michael Jordan, is on his knees. Years later, Pivot provoked him to the same fear of interiors coming to rub his shoulders under the circle!

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