Colombia is the third fastest growing country in the world for cryptocurrency adoption

Key facts:
  • Cryptocurrency holders in Colombia multiplied by 2 compared to the previous query

  • According to Finder, the Argentines were number one in adoption among Latin Americans.

Colombia is the third largest grower of Bitcoin (BTC) and other cryptocurrency holders worldwide. Similarly, Argentina along with Mexico were highly adopted in Latin American countries. This is clear from the most recent survey by the Finder Group, which provides statistics on Australian descent.

The data correspond December 2021 Consultation, Which includes countries not rated in Finder, such as Argentina and Venezuela Previous version of the survey, Held in October 2021.

The most recent results, Colombia went from average 7.7% to 14.5% depending on the number of Internet users holding certain cryptocurrencies between October and December. This indicates that the number of digital property owners in that country has multiplied by 1.9 in the last three months of the year. Only Norway and Russia had higher growth rates of 3 and 2.9, respectively.


However, adoption rankings dominate among Latin Americans Argentina joins Mexico as the country with the highest percentage of cryptocurrency holders. According to the Finder survey, both countries recorded 15.2% of respondents and ranked 13th and 14th out of 27 participating countries.

Venezuela, Colombia and Brazil complete the Latin American table with 15th, 16th and 17th places respectively. It should be noted that all the countries in the region show results very close to the world average, which was 15.4% in the December survey.

Columbia ranks third among the 27 countries advised, with a growth of 6.8% among Internet users holding Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Source: Inventor

Bitcoin holders in Latin America are below the world average

Polls specifically categorized users’ preferences Cryptocurrencies, Showed the section Bitcoin In the cryptocurrency portfolio of Latin Americans, it is below the world average.

Maximum percentage recorded In Brazil, 28.4% of respondents there said they had bitcoin. They are followed by Venezuela at 27.5%, Mexico at 22.8% and Colombia at 20.5%. Below the list is Argentina, which has a ratio of 16.6%, which is well below the world average of 39.1%.

Argentines seem to like a diversified portfolio. The survey included questions about the ownership of ether (Ethereum cryptocurrency), dogecoin, solana and XRP, participants from Argentina registered between 14% and 11.7%. For their part, Colombians and Venezuelans prefer Ethereum as the second currency, and they have averaged less than 10% of the rest of the ratings.

It is worth noting that Finder based its current survey of Internet users on 27 participating countries to develop its cryptocurrency adoption rate. For the month of August 2021, CriptoNoticias was reviewed Another study conducted by the company Chainalysis Of the 150 countries, Venezuela was adopted first in Latin America, followed by Argentina and Colombia.

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