Apple is taking steps to fix the browsing history that reveals the error

Apple has sent its engineers to fix a technical problem in key components of web browsers. The development of the patch is complete, it remains only to deploy the update.

We have to believe that the consistent media coverage of the bug in some web browsers used on MacOS, iOS and iPadOS had its small effect on Apple. Shortly after revealing the problem, the IT expert noticed a failure in several browsers and said the US company had engineers to fix it.

IndexedDB Leak Update: Apple engineers have been working on the bug since Sunday, putting together possible fixes and noting that our report has been resolved. However, the error will continue until the changes are published. », Says FingerprintJS on Twitter On January 17, 2022.

safari-15- vulnerability
Display that briefly describes the leakage policy with the IndexedDB API. // Source: Fingerprint JS

Problem affecting many web browsers

FingerprintJS is the name of the site where the presence of the error was made public. Basically, the problem is with the WebKit rendering machine. It is a central component in browsers because it is used to interpret HTML code to display pages. WebKit was developed by Apple. There are others, for example Firefox or Chrome.

Browsers that depend on IndexedDB for a special API-related data leakage problem are the ones that affect WebKit. This includes Safari on MacOS, but also web browsers on iOS and iPadOS because Apple must use WebKit on its mobile platforms.

The reason for the crash is the IndexedDB API implementation in WebKit. In some situations, the problem may reveal a user’s history during their browsing session. The index of visited sites and some of the components stored in IndexedDB make it possible to find the Internet user and manage to “anonymize” him.

The Webkit code tracking GitHub is a site that specializes in software development. Spreading the rendering engine update on web browsers is now available, and then Internet users get a modified version of the browser they use to go online, thus eliminating the risk of leaks.

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