A new edition pays homage to the classic “Powers of Ten” with current technology and knowledge; That is the lesson of humility

A new edition pays homage to the classic "Powers of Ten" with current technology and knowledge;  That is the lesson of humility

To Alvi – January 19, 2022

The BBC, British popularizer Brian Cox Y Open University This new version of recreating the classic was recently assembled Ten powers, 1977 Charles and Ray Eames mini-documentary, which first became popular when it aired on television. Cosmos By Carl Sagan In this case, they use the latest imaging technology, which, after all, refreshes what we know about the universe after forty years and better illustrates what surrounds us. Travels at breakneck speed from the daily scene to distant parts of the universe.

The new opening scene begins with a couple taking a cruise on a beach in Sicily; From there it moves at an increasing speed: the motion is not constant; Similar to one Acceleration will increase 10 times every 10 seconds; Basically the side of the square is 10 larger than each foot. At first the thing goes slow, but in ten seconds it is already moving at 40 km / h. One novelty is that a satellite can be seen passing at the height of the geostationary orbit; Beyond, a chart is used to show the Earth’s magnetic field. Another detail is that they have preserved typography and name Meters Or instead Meters Original.

The speed of the camera when it reaches the moon Exceeds the speed of light, Because it travels over 300,000 km every second. The orbits of the other planets in the solar system appear, and the Earth is only a tiny pixel because the stars are so far away that they cannot see any movement. What a precious moment, as Pluto passes its orbit, it appears that we already exist Atomic Viento Voyager 2 probe appears, It started precisely in 1977, when the first film was made. How far we have come!

From that it is difficult to get an idea of ​​the scales, But it’s amazing to see how those points were Stars They change Constellations, Billions of stars and galaxies are in motion Cumulus clouds, With billions of galaxies, up to our local group and gallery Super Clubs of Pisces Cetas, About a billion light years across. In the distance you can not see anything because the light from the beginning of time does not even have time to come; Can only guess.

The last part of the documentary is undoubtedly a A great sense of humility, Because it allows us to see how insignificant the little humans on our small planet are in a forgotten star in a galaxy among millions of others in the vast universe. Will we be alone in that immensity? Parabrasing from Dr. Arrow contact“So after that…! What a waste of space!

What is not done in this new version is to show the opposite path: from human to subatomic size. We hope they can do it another time because the result is as wonderful as it is intellectual.


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