NFL: The Most Valuable Cowboys?

NFL: The Most Valuable Cowboys?

Will the Dallas Cowboys be the NFL’s Most Rated Team in 2021?

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This is what TVA Sports Network football expert Denise Cassavand believes, discussing the issue in the most recent edition of her podcast “To Champ Couch” on the QB Radio platform.

“Was it really surprising that the Cowboys lost their game to the San Francisco 49ers? Yes, they are the most favorite this season with their 12-5 records and incredible attack numbers. Those figures are misleading because they have a lot of wins against teams in their division, ”Kaswant said.

“They were 6-0 against the Eagles [de Philadelphie], Washington football team and Giants [de New York]. They dominated their division. In those six games, they scored 240 points. In my opinion, it bent the data.

The Texas Club went 6-5 against other NFL teams in the regular season. Note that he lost the flag 23 to 17 against the Nine last Sunday.

Bills attract

Denise Cassavant also watched other NFL first-round playoff games. He was apparently impressed with the Buffalo Pills’ unilateral 47-17 win over the New England Patriots.

“They played practically a perfect game! Seven touchdowns in their first seven attack shots, no punt, no punt, no turnover, and at the end of the game they fell to one knee.

Host quarterback Josh Allen’s outstanding performance set the tone for the first weekend of the playoffs, setting the stage for the semi – finals of the conference.

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