43% des parents ont déjà vu apparaître leur enfant à l'écran durant une conférence.

Meetings in pajamas, area cleaning … Zoom reveals the habits of its users

A study by an American company, with unusual statistics, shows how teleworking has greatly complicated the professional environment.

1,700 users in more than 200 countries around the world: US company Zoom has released a large-scale survey that provides an overview of the various habits, trends and behaviors identified on its platform. This particularly shows that the emergence of this new communication system during the first wave of imprisonment, to the extent that its users have set it up, has greatly disrupted working methods. “Created new codes in their professional and personal lives”, Comment on the company.

Less and less formal work environment

A toddler, a pet, a roommate … It often happens to see the zoom conference running smoothly out of annoyance of one of these protagonists: Whatever the poll, 43% of parents show it. I have already seen their baby appear on screen during the conference. Pets are also invited to the party, with 36% of users agreeing that their animal is already attached in the middle of the invitation. ” Zoom would not exist today without users Zoom France spokesman Charlotte Nizieux explains.

Digitization of appointments with the zoom tool has prompted some users to settle for a minimum, similar to these figures taken from the report, which shows that four out of 10 users are in bed during their call. 47% of them are already attending a meeting in their pajamas. ” Of course, we advise our users to dress and bathe, but still have the right to disconnect, which is not subject to laziness in any way. “A spokesman for the American epic always commented,” We know that 26% of respondents do not shower before taking part in the call, and 68% agree that they dress casually for video conferencing.

63% of calls were made by camera

It also seems that some users choose the “lead” strategy by exposing only part of their office or apartment. 43% of respondents said they only cleaned part of the room visible to the camera. That’s why Zoom created the “Virtual Background” tool, which is used by 71% of users, and allows you to mark it as “” as Charlotte Nieux explains. A real separation between home and work “. The latter promises Colleagues are co-workers And ” Everyone has the right to have their own place of residence Personal .

Finally, this new work tool was able to call itself Aperitifs and calls with friends, as evidenced by the study, 73% of users have participated in “Aperitif” or video evening at least once. The year is 2021. The company is proud to use the camera extensively, despite the unusual images at times, especially when wearing pajamas or not taking a shower before the call: ” 63% of zoom users want to make calls on their camera to share a moment with their colleagues or loved ones, which shows that video calls have a bright future for them. […] Even if Zoom does not recommend 100% delivery “. Once the infection is over, we need to see if these video calls are successful.

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