Govt-19: Boris Johnson announces the end of most restrictions in the UK

Covid-19: Boris Johnson annonce la fin de la plupart des restrictions en Angleterre

From Thursday 27 January, the Conservative leader announced in Parliament that wearing a mask would no longer be legally mandatory, that telework would no longer be officially recommended and that the health pass would no longer be imposed to access nightclubs and some large gatherings.

“As the Govt spreads, we need to replace legal obligations with advice and recommendations,” Boris Johnson pleaded.

He said he did not want to extend the isolation rules when the Kovit-19 positive cases expire on March 24. This date may even be brought forward.

“We are not legally asking people to isolate themselves if they have the flu,” he explained.

More than 152,000 people have died in the UK from Covid 19 disease. The latest available data show a nearly 40% drop in the number of new weekly cases, while the number of patients admitted to the hospital has been confirmed.

The number of intensive care patients who were low during the Omigron wave is also declining.

The easing of these measures, which are seen as harsh by a section of the Conservative majority, is coming sooner than expected, in the wake of the unprecedented crisis for the anti-Govt organization, which is due to be reviewed on January 26, and Boris Johnson embroiled in the holiday scandal. Locks.

In the UK, each country determines its health policy.

On Tuesday, the Scottish Independent government announced that it would lift most restrictions from next Monday, allowing nightclubs to reopen and removing the limit for indoor encounters to three homes.

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Teleworking is still recommended.

The Welsh government also announced last week a gradual withdrawal from virus controls. Wales has reached the peak of the Omigron wave and cases continue to decline.

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