Carbon Free Delivery in London Thanks to Volta Trucks, The Crown Estate and Clipper Logistics

Volta trucks, Electric utility vehicle manufacturer, Crown Estate, Owner and distributor of a property in the West End of London Clipper Logistics I agree to decorbonize retail distribution on Regent Street, a major shopping street in the English capital. “This partnership is an important step in reducing traffic congestion, improving air quality and making the streets at the West Point safer and more accessible. This collaboration will be beneficial to us and our customers.Says Judith Everett, Managing Director of Ambition, Sustainability and Stakeholders at The Crown Estate.

A distribution center and electric vehicle

Their plan to reduce carbon emissions is based on two pillars: on the one hand, the use of a shared distribution center to manage deliveries and shipments of goods, near the London Congestion Zone; On the other hand, the use of the electric vehicle Volta Zero, which is scheduled to be tested this summer. “As a company, we know we’ve been great riders, but we’re committed to minimizing the extra kilometers and making our travels cleaner. And the partnership reflects Clipper’s agility and logistics in combating environmental damage. “, Says Mick Doe, director of transport operations at Clipper Logistics.

Volta Zero

The Volta Zero is a 16 ton full electric vehicle designed for downtown urban logistics. Its payload of 8.6 tons allows it to shift many smaller 3.5 ton trucks, thus contributing to a reduction in traffic congestion on the streets. It will cover a distance of 150 to 200 km and will remove 1.2 million tonnes of CO2 by 2025, according to its designers. To enhance safety, the Volta Zero features a canopy-style cabin that offers a wide view of the driver. The first models are expected to be delivered to customers by mid-2022.

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