Burian’s visit confirmed! We reveal the exact instant date ILMETEO.it

Understood on the wayUnderstood on the wayWe will reveal soon when it will return Puriyan The Puran What is to be said, however, is that, as we have explained on several occasions, our language is derived from Greek and then Latin (not Russian). In ancient Greece we find the word borias By changing o from this to eu as i, the passage for puriya (n) or puriyana is instantaneous, so in many Italian dialects the word Buriana is more accurate. Puriyan.
Other edemas that may be directly related to the Russian language should be rejected, if any, and the Russian word Puran is apparently derived from the same common Greek and Indo-European origin, but with modifications derived from the use of another language. Italian.

However, before the weather, “Great dream“Burian could come back very soon and look like the frost waves of 1996, 2006, 2012 and 2018, which made Rome freeze (and how can we forget the snow and big snow in January 1985?).

In detail The Puriyan It’s a blizzard that blows endlessly moore in the winter Siberian And the Kazakh steps lead to the Urals or the Sarmashian plain of European Russia. Sometimes the Storms Can reach the air With speeds of up to 100 km / h and blizzards leading to drastic reduction in visibility, Increases cold sensitivity greatly. The main feature is that there is an icy flow of air from the area where the “cold film” is, i.e. a Very cold and heavy air layer near the floor And not more than 1000/2000 m. This particular phenomenon is common only in Russia or Eastern Europe, but Sometimes it can even appear in Italy.

But what triggers these frost waves? The reason should be searched above North Pole Between January and February, a sudden event occurs every 5/6 years Stratwarming. With this word, in meteorology, we refer to a paradoxical and radical Heating From Stratosphere Terrain, above the Arctic, in line 30 ° / 40 C on some days. This heating, once activated, gradually expands towards the upper tropics. Polar vortex. And that’s just what can happenThe beginning of the new year, While smelling a chapter of stratwarming above the expansions Siberia This can actually lead to polar vortex decay.

This has already happened in the past, and we are well aware that because of this the edges of the vortex go down at latitude and become powerful. Frost waves up to the Mediterranean bed. Despite statistics that this event will not happen again this year (last was actually 4 years ago), according to the latest updates, a Strong warming in the upper stratosphere Already these days the New Year begins Siberia. For this reason, the coldest phase of the second half of January from January 24-25 to January 2022 cannot be avoided.

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